Tour/Activity in St Lucia, Saint Lucia

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Culinary excursion to St. Lucia that includes several food tours, tasting and sampling of St. Lucian cuisine

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Day 1

Transfer to Hotel

Transfer to Hotel

Dinner at Chef Robby's

Dinner at Chef Robby's restaurant with chats about Lucian cooking

Day 2

Lucian Food Tour

LUCIAN FOOD TOUR Enjoy a walking culture and food tour. Discover hidden gems, hear surprising stories and leave feeling like a local, tasting and sampling a variety of food along the way.

KABAWE KRAWL Enjoy trailing an authentic three-hour experience as you visit quaint  Bars (Rum Shops), known locally as “Kabawe”,  accompanied by your driver/guide.   Krawl from one Kabawe (rum shop) to another, where you will meet St. Lucians, join in the banter, the laughter, the camaraderie, and the atmosphere whilst indulging in unique rums or a beverage of your choice and culinary delights.

Day 3

Catamaran sail to Soufriere and to Project Chocolat to Beans to Bar Excursion

Learn to make  your own chocolate bar inclusive of lunch.

Absorb the panoramic and embrace the magical scenery of the west coast of the island as you set out cruising leisurely along the west coast , taking in the spectacular villages and coves along the way. You are struck speechless at the magnificent sight of the majestic Pitons rising to the skies out of the glistening Caribbean Sea.

Visit Project Chocolat located on the lovely Rabot Estate which provides this unique and intriguing world of chocolate making using high quality beans grown on the island. Mixing, tasting, and making your very own gourmet chocolate  in this unique setting is an unparalleled experience.

Enjoy Cacao flavoured lunch before returning to your hotel.

Day 4

Flavors of St Lucia

A culinary experience showcasing the flavours of St. Lucia.

Enjoy an authentic St. Lucian experience blending the past and present as you see, taste, and smell the flavours of the island. Explore the island’s creole cuisine and participate in the preparation of various dishes….get involved in this cooking class … Learn how over the years, St. Lucian folklore combined and blended a fascinating number of herbs, vegetables, and fruits into an array of cooked foods that must be cooked and savoured to be believed.

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