ATV West Tour

Tour/Activity in Curaçao, Curacao

About this activity

Tour the west side of Curacao in an ATV

Your Travel Experience with FREEPORT

First stop at the art wall created by the greatest local artist, Yubi Kirindongo

Enjoy our first stop the art wall created by the greatest local artist, Yubi Kirindongo, and the most popular driftwood gathering point of the island, houtjesbaai. Enjoy riding along the coastline where the ocean slams into the coral edge forming beautiful seawater splashes.

Explore Turtle Bay and the famous Natural Jacuzzi Blowhole

Off to Turtle Bay, an astonishing view of a natural bay where turtles live, this is a protected area only accessible via off-road trail. One of the most amazing stops is the famous blowhole with its Natural Jacuzzi. Here you can stop to take a dive in a small cove divided from the ocean by the cliff and receive a good splash of seawater.


Next, we will drive to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, where you have a chance to snorkel and cool off in the clear blue waters of Curacao. 

Visit to see flamingos at the old salt ponds

After a refreshing dip, we drive to the old salt ponds, where the beautiful pink flamingos have created their natural habitat.

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