Black Point Recreational Park

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A recreational and historic site

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Visit Black Point Recreational Park

Black Point Recreational Park: This area comes as a two-in-one package as it is not only a recreational park but a history lesson as well. It’s the sand that first gets your attention. It’s a black carpet wonderland with glistening organic grains. Mammoth waves crash slowly onto shore, their foamy tops trying desperately to whiten the black but the endless cycle is always in vain. The black sand beach and picnic area is thickly vegetated with coconut and almond trees and is one of the most popular recreation sites on the eastern or windward side of the island.

On-site at the park is the infamous Jasper Tunnel, 300 feet in length, built in 1812, using slave labour, as an easier means of transporting sugar to the coast. Peek over lava rocks to see where ships anchor to collect their sweet cargo. Facilities include a children’s play area, parking, gazebos, washrooms, barbecue pits, a welcome booth, and a playing field.

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