East Coast Off-Road Buggy Tour

Tour/Activity in Curaçao, Curacao

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A 3-hour ATV or Buggy Tour on the Eastside of the island

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Tour Seru Cocori, the Aloe Vera Plantation and Ostrich Farm

There are many things to do in Curacao, but a 3-hour ATV or Buggy Tour on the Eastside of the island will be a genuine surprise to your friends or family.

This tour offers you a chance to see it all. We will go to Seru Cocori, a mountain where you can see panoramic views of the lovely island of Curaçao. Then we will visit the extensive Aloe Vera Plantation and Ostrich Farm.

Visit Indian Cave, an inactive volcano and the Cave of Doom

Sint Joris Bay is the next stop, where you can see where the best kite and windsurfing can be done on the island. While there, we will also visit the Indian Cave of an old and inactive volcano. We will then drive on the side of an old race track that runs along part of the coast. This excellent trail will end up at the Cave of Doom.

End the day at Playa Canoa

Finally, we will drive two miles alongside the enormous coastal wind turbines that generate electricity for the island and Playa Canoa. You can enjoy a refreshing swim at Playa Canoa for about 30 minutes. After leaving Playa Canoa, it will take 15 minutes to get back to our headquarters.

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