Grenada VIP Suite Departing Service

Tour/Activity in St. George's, Grenada

About this activity

VIP Departure Services to Premium Guests following Check-In at airport

Your Travel Experience with FREEPORT

Not included in this cost -

Met at Check-in Counter

  • Luxury golf cart transportation from check-in to jet centre door
  • Security screening of guests and carry-on luggage
  • Concierge reception and accommodation in jet centre lounge
  • Complimentary soft beverages, beer, wine, rum punch, cocktails and savory snacks (nuts, crisps, etc), gourmet sandwiches, high speed wifi access
  • Duty Free shopping at your seat

  • Shower facilities
  • In-house Immigration / Customs processing
  • Fully handicap enabled facility
  • Guests may opt for luxury golf cart transfer to aircraft at boarding time
  • Concierge on duty and available to assist St. James Travel &Tours guests 


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