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Experience nature, and healthy local organic food

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This 2 hour (return) tour begins with a little drive southeast towards the village of Bellevue Chopin on your way to Morne Canot, once a site for maroon encampments, which is now a small farming community. With the assistance of EU they are now developing an Organic Farmers' Tourism Centre.

You take a stroll through the village before ascending on a short hike up a steep and narrow trail to reach the summit. See the beautiful flowers in the Elfin Forest. At the summit you will walk along the ridge to discover amazing views of the area below. You return to the village of Pichelin to enjoy a refreshing bath. Well earned, right?

This is followed by a drive to Harmony Gardens, a privately owed herbal organic farm. Experience the garden with the birds, then over to the garden to learn about the medicinal tropical herbs, how they are grown, and what they are used for from the owners Roy and Cherry Ormond.

Partake of a delicious vegetarian lunch, cooked with the products you just learned about.

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