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Beaches, Red Rocks and Indian River

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North Tour (2)

You begin the tour along the north western coast towards Portsmouth, second town of Dominica. Firs stop is at Purple Turtle situated in the Prince Rupert Bay. First refreshing dip.

Then a drive along the Atlantic Coast and enjoy the beautiful views of the Saintes, Guaeloupe and Marie Galante.

Another stop is at Anse de Mai, a charming fishing village along the coastal road.

Next, via a track to this remote and wild sandy beach is the stop at Batibou Beach, one of Dominica's nicest beaches. The British renamed Baitbou, creole for the bay and river, to Hapstead wherein lies the ruins of Hampstead Estate including the old waterwheel. The Estate produce sugar, limes, cocoa and coconuts. It was from this port in Hampstead that produce was shipped out of Dominica.

Then you arrive at another charming village of Calibishi. From here is seen the Port D'Enfer which is a rock formation in the sea named by the French as it resembled the imaginary 'Gate of Hell'. For centuries there was a natural arch between the two rocks through which the waves broke into the calmer water behind However in 1954 the arch collapsed leaving the still standing two rocks.

Beautiful and captivating Red Rocks, a dramatic rock formation in Pointe Baptiste, with a shallow reef and sandy beach. Take a stroll over the rocks.

And a must is the boat ride up the Indian River. Beautiful and interesting. Learn about the many Mang tress with huge trunks, some twisted, along the banks of the river, with luxuriant vegetation hanging from above. Ferns, lianas and reds clutter between the trees forming a foliage tunnel where you could see some wildlife.

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