Pointe Guignard with Snorkeling

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Kayaking, great snorkeling and beaching

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Soufriere Loop with Snorkelling

Adventure tourism at its best

Leisurely paddle 1k down the coastline to a secluded beach at Pointe Guignard. Learn about turtle nesting, and the marine reservation, and take a refreshing dip at a remote beach.

Surprise perhaps! There is a 75% chance of seeing a hawksbill and/or a green turtle on the surface or swimming below. This is a preserved turtle nesting habitat.

Pointe Guignard is home to a lovely snorkelling sight with plentiful sea fans, corals, reef fish, and a narrow arch at a depth that your guide will point out. It is a unique sight with diverse underwater scenery.

On the way home, we stop for cliff jumping at the local 'abyss' cliff jumping site.

Participants may get a 'tow' back from a local fisherman if conditions are too windy to paddle back.

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