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Snorkelling in Dominica's underwater world; diving in mini caves with the most beautiful marine life

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Transfers to and from hotel to Marine Reserve

Snorkelling in the warm, clear Dominican waters with abundant tropical life, spectacular drop-offs, shallow reefs, black coral, huge sponges, beautiful pinnacles, interesting wrecks, etc.

Begin trip with a visit to Rodney's Rock with a wide variety of marine life, mini caves and overhangs for spiny and slipper lobsters, crabs and morays. The walls are carpeted with corals and sponges providing homes to octopus, frogfish, and numerous grunts and snapper.

Then off to Champagne Reef, a sub-aquatic hot spring that spews hot water and bubbles. This is one of the more popular dive sites on the northern side of the Marine Reserve.

Trip ends at The Scott's Head - Soufriere Marine Reserve located on the south-western tip of the Island. Scott's Head is a small fishing village which that allows for a beautiful view of the Bay.

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