Submarine Day Dive

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Explore the depths and beauty of the Caribbean Sea

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An adventurous catamaran ride and submarine dive

SUBMARINE DAY DIVE: board our transfer vessel, the Ocean Quest, which will take you to the submarine. Many people wonder how we can dive every hour on the hour but only have one sub in operation. The Ocean Quest is a powered catamaran that acts as a ferry to and from the dive site, where the submarine is taken first thing in the morning.

The vessel has a crew of three, a boat captain on the upper deck and two copilots, or deckhands as they are called on the boat, who give you a safety briefing and an outline of what you see along the shoreline.

The ride takes you along the island’s west coast, and you can see a beautiful stretch of white sandy beaches before you start to sot the submarine dive site in the distance. After a short and breezy ten-minute ride, the Ocean Quest comes alongside the submarine, and a ramp between the two makes the transfer easy.

Once you board the submarine, the copilot will batten down the hatches so you can start your journey underwater. You will enjoy the fact that you are sitting in air-conditioned comfort, looking out a viewport in front of you as you wait for the signal is sounded to Dive! Dive! Dive!” You are now fully submerged in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea with large viewports all around, as curious exotic fish peek in at you and sea fans sway.

A knowledgeable co-pilot narrates the 40-minute underwater adventure and will help you to identify the fantastic sights on the other side of your window. Before returning to the surface, you explore the large expanses of the seafloor as if it is your playground. Take a picture of what you see or take a “selfie “of yourself experiencing it to share with all your friends.

The coral and fish naturally coexisting is a great story to tell once you have seen it. The submarine returns to the surface as effortlessly as it has descended, and the Ocean Quest is waiting for you with another group of eager guests ready to exchange places with you. Your journey ends at the Shallow Draught Reservations lounge, where Atlantis specialty souvenirs and good quality 100% Barbados mementos can be purchased.

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